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TAC-EDGE Stab Proof NV-107

TAC-EDGE Stab Proof NV-107

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*Our TAC-EDGE Stab Protection Vest is used by select branches of the Hong Kong Police.

As with our other vests, the vest is characterised by a very high wearing comfort. We achieve this by the low weight of approx. 1.7 kg and this with a protected area of over 0.25to 0.45 m². In comparison, other vests only offer a covered area of 0.1 – 0.2 m². Furthermore, the wearing comfort is significantly increased by the high flexibility of the stab-proof material. This means that the vest can be worn permanently without any restrictions – regardless of whether you are seated or highly active.


The outer fabric of the vest is very durable. This makes it particularly suited for law Security, Law enforcement related industries. 

Our stab protection vest utilise a patent pending manufacturing technology which makes our stab-protection garments innovative and unique throughout the world providing stab and slash protection in one product,

The technology used to make our stab protection vests and other stab-proof garments is innovative and unique throughout the world. After many years of intensive research, we have succeeded in manufacturing a textile composite that is safe, light and flexible at the same time. Our tactical stab-proof vest weigh only approx. 1.5 kg, for example. The protective layer is made of a high-strength aramid fabric to which a special plastic is inseparably applied. The combination of high strength fibers and the energy absorbing plastic create a material of which its specific properties even exceed those of stainless steel plates. 

The weight is approx. 4.5 times lower than that of a comparably thick stainless steel plate. We have taken the armadillo as a model to ensure flexibility and breath-ability. Just like this armored mammal, we make use of an overlapping scaly structure. However, our scaly structure differs from that of other suppliers in that it is not possible to push it apart. This allows us to achieve a high degree of safety in combination with maximum flexibility.

Before purchasing our stab protection clothing please make sure you read the requirements for purchase here.


Take measurements preferably with the clothes you expect to be wearing with the vest.

Use our stab vest measuring guide here to select the correct sizing.

Level 3 protection is not recommended for general security related duties. Please choose carefully as we do not exchange if you choose the incorrect protection panels. Exchange panels can be supplied at extra cost, please contact us for pricing.

Our stab protection clothing is not ballistic rated and is stab proof only. We do not sell bullet proof vest.

Volume discounts: Contact us for volume discounts (3+)


Please Note: The current turnarounds from a confirmed order is approximately 4 weeks for out of stock items. If you require sooner please contact us first to confirm if available in stock.




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