Worldwide cooperation

It has been more than ten years now since the search for a new type of stab protection vest began at the famous Donghua University in China. The primary objective was of course to provide sufficient stab protection. But it also had to be light, comfortable, pleasant to wear, flexible and customisable. The breakthrough finally came in 2018. The developers and founders of the stab protection company were looking for reliable and competent sales partners.

They found the right partners in the two mechanical engineers for plastics and textile technology, Dr. Nadine Jungbecker and Dr. Philip Jungbecker. The revolutionary project of their former colleague convinced them both. Since then, the Remscheid-based company in Germany which was set up specifically for this purpose, & has been responsible for the distribution of the latest generation of stab protection vests in Germany and throughout Europe. In addition to pure distribution, the manufacturing company has also undertaken the task of fulfilling the specific requirements of the European market and further developing the products together with there customers.

Now these stab protection vest, and clothing products are available in Australia through Load bearing vest Australia

Level 1 and 3 Protection shown

Optimal Protection

Stab Protection Vest

Patent pending technology

Various applications

Business people requiring protection and their protection teams (bodyguards) can wear our inconspicuous, breathable vests under a suit without the worry of sweating. Inspectors and crowd controllers will not feel any heavy load on their shoulders even after hours of wearing, thanks to the low weight of our stab protection vests, also Rescue workers and paramedics can react flexibly to ongoing situations and threats with the movable composite scales, which offer premium protection.


Hospital & Healthcare Related Security
Corrections services
Border Protection Agencies
University Security officers
Private Security Companies & individuals
Crowd controllers/ Club security
Parking Enforcement Officers
Court Security Officers
Facilities Security Services
Public Transport officers
Airport Security officers
Events & Stadium Security
Shopping Centre Security Teams
Public Attraction locations
Sheriff eviction agents
Commercial agents
Local Government Enforcement/Council officers/Parking officers/Rangers

Multiple other professions where OVERT or COVERT protection is warranted