Trial vest

We have trial vest available for companies or departments wishing to view or wear the vest to test there functionality, and suitability.

Conditions apply: Please contact us for full conditions

Trial periods are 7 days only and limited to 1 vest per trial period.

Not available for individual trials. Genuine inquiries only will be facilitated for companies, or departments that are wanting to procure 5 or more vest. Express and registered post are payable both ways, by the company wishing to trial the vest and is payable prior to posting. Please use an official email when requesting a trial vest. 

The demonstration product/s are supplied for general testing and must be returned in the same condition received.

Stab evaluation of the panels is prohibited and must only be undertaken using our stab evaluation panels separately, and by an authorised Response Wear Australia employee.

Please contact us if you require a physical demonstration of the stab panels. (Currently only available in the Gold Coast & Brisbane regions) for other customers please refer to our video section for demonstrations.


Any damage, or loss of products will be charged to the customer for repair or replacement at retail cost.


ONSITE CONTACT  is responsible for the product/s during the test period.

BOOKING: Contact us to book in your trial vest. We recommend you contact us to confirm a booking date range as vest may be out on trial.

Vest available to trial: Please view the details below for current availability of protection levels for each vest style. All protection levels are available to purchase. We recommend Level 1 for main Security related duties. Level 2 and 3 are more suitable for Corrections or Police roles. We do not recommend level 3 for covert vest.

Please contact us first to confirm the style, vest sizing, & protection levels available for trial.

Responder and Hawk

THE RESPONDER - LBV-ST4 - Level 1 - Black only

Size: L/XL 

PROTECTOR - LBV-ST1 - Level 1 & 3 - Black only

Size: Medium (L1) - Large (L3)

DEFENDER - LBV-ST2 Version 1 - Level 1 - Black, Navy, Yellow
Size: Medium, Large, XL 

DEFENDER - LBV-ST2 Version 2 - Level 1 - Yellow only
Size: Small - 1 Only

SIGNATURE COVERT - V-NB01 - Level 1 - Black available

Size: XXL/3XL - 2 Available - Black only

 Best sellers

1. Defender LBV-ST2 - version -1 Security and government customers (N.T.)
2. Responder - Public health security teams - Security
3. Signature covert - Mental health facilities - Security operators
4. Protector - Security operators 
5. Defender LBV-ST2 - Version 2 - Security operators