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STAND GUARD Stab Proof Concealed Vest - HA-VC01

STAND GUARD Stab Proof Concealed Vest - HA-VC01

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Our stab vest use the Worlds Most Flexible Stab Protection Material, unlike some manufacturers in the market today that use a non flexible plate design that affords  very little flexibility for bending, or side flexion of the trunk, which becomes very uncomfortable in particular where task may involve twisting, bending or activities requiring side torsion flexibility, as well as affording little to no breathability. You can also sit down wearing our vest, but try sitting down with the non flexible options offered by other manufacturers! Some of our competitors vest are made for U.K. conditions and our Australian climate has not been taken into consideration. Our material is lightweight, flexible and has a patented design that allows air to enter and heat to escape from the material easier. This is a patented design not offered by any other stab protection company in the world!

Our stab protection vest utilise a patent pending manufacturing technology which makes our stab-protection garments innovative and unique throughout the world providing stab and slash protection in one product,

Our customers feedback on the non flexible options offered by other manufacturers speaks for itself by way of changing to our products. Ours offer flexibility, and breathability which is what you want when you are  wearing a vest for a full shift!

*Note: Level 1 & 2 does offer some blunt force trauma protection but its main function is for stab protection. We recommend level 3 if you want maximum Stab & blunt force trauma protection.

NOTE: We do not recommend level 3 for covert vest if you are wearing for more than 2 hours, or need full flexibility. Level 3 is good for cell extractions, mental health facility response teams, short term assignments. For general security related work level 1 is suffice to stop knives, scissors, needlestick, glass, spikes, shivs, slashing, up to 24 joules of force.

Protection area: 0.25-0.45 Abdomen, Back, Sides   

Our under vests are ideal for wearing under a shirt inconspicuously. The self-adjusting shape of the vests makes them ideal for both men and women. The patent-pending process gives our stab protection vests an extremely light, breathable and highly flexible design. They also offer stab protection against knives, blades and probes. In addition, our stab protection vests feature a very large protective area. This provides the best possible protection especially for the lower abdominal area, which cannot be covered by rigid vests. Genuine all-round protection for the upper body and all vital organs.

The breathable and lightweight outer fabric made of resistant polyamide fibres is capable of optimally absorbing sweat and moisture and dries quickly. The outer fabric can be washed in the washing machine to ensure flawless and hygienic cleaning.

Our stab protection clothing is not ballistic rated and is stab proof only. We do not sell bullet proof vest.

Before purchasing our stab protection clothing please make sure you read the requirements for purchase here.


Take measurements preferably with the clothes you expect to be wearing with the vest.

Use our stab vest measuring guide here to select the correct sizing.

Level 3 protection is not recommended for general security related duties. Please choose carefully as we do not exchange if you choose the incorrect protection panels. Exchange panels can be supplied at extra cost, please contact us for pricing.

Our stab proof clothing is not ballistic rated and is stab proof only. We do not sell bullet proof vest.

NOTE: Unless in stock your Stab vest will be made to order, please allow approximately 6 weeks  for delivery. Larger orders may take longer.

Volume discounts: Contact us for volume discounts (3+)

Please Note: The current turnarounds from a confirmed order is approximately 4 weeks for out of stock items. If you require sooner please contact us first to confirm if available in stock.


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