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SIGNATURE Covert Stab Vest

SIGNATURE Covert Stab Vest

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Chosen by a number of major Australian health department security teams, after trialing for 6 months in a Victorian mental health facility environment

The SIGNATURE COVERT stab vest have FRONT & BACK PROTECTION with Stab & Slash protection incorporated into the stab panel material. Optional side protection panels are available to order here 

TIP: If you need to be totally covert we recommend that your over shirt is approximately 1 size larger to reduce the outline signature of the vest.

NOTE: We do not recommend level 3 for covert vest if you intend wearing for more than 2 hours, or need full flexibility. Level 3 is good for cell extractions, mental health facility response teams, short term assignments. For general security related work level 1 or 2 is suffice to stop knives, scissors, needle stick, glass, spikes, shivs, slashing, up to 24 joules and 40 joules of force, however we are happy to supply to you with level 3 protection if requested. 

Our stab protection vest utilise a patent pending manufacturing technology which makes our stab-protection garments innovative and unique throughout the world providing stab and slash protection in one product,

We have received feedback from several customers on the non flexible options offered by other manufacturers who have changed to our world leading flexible stab protection vest and clothing. Ours offer flexibility, and breath-ability which is what you want when you are  wearing a vest for a full shift, not a full non flexible composite plate that offers very little, or no flexibility and very little breath-ability! 

Its important that you weigh up comfort and flexibility requirements for your individual circumstances. 

*Note: Level 1 & 2 does offer some blunt force trauma protection but its main function is for maximum stab protection and flexibility. 


The SIGNATURE vest is a great vest for those requiring a vest that can be worn covertly or overtly, such as crowd control, events or undercover related duties, and those working in mental health facilities. 

Our certified stab-proof vest offers even more protection in addition to the proven comfort. Carbon fibre, glass fibre and aramid: the best materials on the market for flexibility and lightweight. Weighing from approximately 1.5 kg, (level 1) the vest offers a high level of comfort and is certified by VPAM according to guideline KDIW 2004, level K1. The technology used to manufacture our stab-proof vests and other stab-proof garments is innovative and unique in the world. After years of intensive research, we have succeeded in producing a textile composite that is at the same time safe, light and flexible. 

Available in White and Black

This ultra-light, flexible and adjustable stab protection vests is best suitable as an undercover vest. A protection area of 0.25 m² at a weight of only approximately 1.5 kg (level 1) can be achieved by a patent applied technology for the protection material. The material is exceptionally flexible thanks to their scaly structure, breathable and comfortable due to the special mesh structure of the outer fabric. With the adjustable shoulder straps and the flexible waist belts the vests can be adjusted in a wide range. The sides are open for even higher flexibility and lowest weight. On demand an additional side protection can be applied one sided or on both sides. This guarantees the highest level of protection.

Options: White or black outer covers are available separately  to enable you to swap over the stab panels, based on your attire: Eg: White for under light coloured clothing, black for under dark coloured clothing. Contact us for pricing and purchasing of the outer covers. (Only available when ordering full stab protection vest)

Vest can also be worn overtly if required.

Place order for side protection option separately here

Before purchasing our stab protection clothing please make sure you read the requirements for purchase here.


Take measurements preferably with the clothes you expect to be wearing with the vest.

Use our stab vest measuring guide here to select the correct sizing.

Level 3 protection is not recommended for general security related duties. Please choose carefully as we do not exchange if you choose the incorrect protection panels. Exchange panels can be supplied at extra cost, please contact us for pricing.

Our stab proof clothing is not ballistic rated and is stab proof only. We do not sell bullet proof vest.

NOTE: Unless in stock your Stab vest will be made to order, please allow approximately 6 weeks  for delivery. Larger orders may take longer.

Volume discounts: Contact us for volume discounts (3+)

If you want to check stock availability before ordering please contact us first.

Additional information

Weight From 1.5 kg (Approximately) level 1

S-M, L-XL (Contact us for larger sizing)


White, Black


1,5 kg; 1,8 kg; 2.4 kg (Approximately)

Protection area:

0,3 m², 0,4 m², 0,5 m²


Outer fabric: 100 % Polyester, breathable net fabric, protection material: Aramid Composite

Further features:

Integrated front pocket
Integrated elastic pockets in the waist belt
incl. cable guiding in the back
Optional side protection

Please Note: The current turnarounds from a confirmed order is approximately 4 weeks for out of stock items. If you require sooner please contact us first to confirm if available in stock.

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