You can’t perform your duties responsibly if you feel threatened or exposed. Crowd controllers are no exception to this rule and will not work to the best of their abilities if they fear for their safety.
The first step is deciding if you need overt or covert stab protection. Different employers may have different criteria and internal policies & standards, so you should always check with your supervisor or manager. Establishments that are frequented by different types of people may require door staff to wear overt vests for extra visibility and protection.
This is because it is the responsibility of the crowd controller to restrict access and monitor crowd behaviour in what can be a volatile location. On the other hand, covert stab vest are often worn in places, where there are few visitors or when the companies customers don’t want any unnecessary attention from the general public.
The right kind of stab vest!
As a general rule - security firms acquiring stab vest for there crowd controllers should ensure that the vest are fit for purpose and not of a substandard quality.
The correct stab proof vest for crowd controllers should comply with the best standards and testing. Our stab proof vest comply to the following levels; VPAM, NIJ0115.00, GA68-2019, and ISO 13998 . Before any stab vest can be cleared for distribution, it must meet these minimum standards to ensure it offers the right levels of protection to your staff.
Money spent on substandard stab vest is often money wasted, as the protection does not perform its required function. This can have severe consequences for the individual wearing the vest, and potential claims, should the vest fail to protect the wearer.
Dont put a $ value on your teams protection!
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