Recently, we have been asked to clarify the concept of side stab protection in our vest.
All of our overt vests come with side stab/slash protection. The material is specifically shaped during manufacturing to conform to the design of each vest, ensuring that it extends around or overlaps on the sides to shield the vulnerable torso from stab wounds or slash injuries, both of which could have severe or fatal consequences.
The material is not separate; it is cut as a single piece and typically constitutes part of the rear or front panel depending on the vest.
Pictured is our most popular stab/slash vest, the Defender-3, which I personally designed to help minimise the risk of penetration resulting from the wearer's failure to properly adjust the quick-release buckles that were on our superseded model, which was typically due to user error.
This new design should prevent such incidents, provided that the correct size is ordered and worn.
The stab-protection material in the front, rear, and sides is tested according to the rigorous NIJ 0115:00 international standards established by the National Institute of Justice in the United States.
Failure to equip your officers with comprehensive protection may render you liable for providing PPE that is not fit for purpose. It is advisable to consult your legal advisors to avoid exposing yourself to liabilities in the event of a vest failing due to a side penetration. Procurement departments, and managers should ensure that the appropriate PPE is acquired from the outset.
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