The Unusual Suspect: Spikes

If you’ve ever studied or just watched the occasional online martial art video that has swords and knife related attack and defence information, you’ve probably seen a barrage of slashes, draw cuts, and twirling techniques. But many of those moves require years of discipline and practice to perfect. That’s why most thugs opt for a shiv they can shove repeated into their victim’s guts — it takes no training, just violence of action, to end someone’s life that way. But prisoners and gangsters aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a shiv. That’s why we’re taking a pointed look at spikes in this edition of The Unusual Suspects.

These man made weapons have no cutting edge, no spring-assisted opening, and no fancy locking mechanisms. Instead, they have just one purpose: To put a deep hole into something or someone quickly. Sure, these picks could bust up a pile of ice so you can enjoy your favourite drink on the rocks. But they could also make someone's day a whole lot worse! Do you have adequate protection from these man made weapons?

Credit: Patrick Vuong