Main picture shown is the Response Wear (Australia) Defender-3 stab vest.

This cannot be emphasised enough. If you own a stab vest without side protection, or are considering purchasing one, you are vulnerable to sustaining a serious injury, or even death, from a side stab in the event of being attacked. All of Response Wears overt stab vests come with side stab protection that meets the international National Institute of Justice (NIJ) testing standards NIJ:0115.00.

If you dont have side protection your vital organs are not fully protected and potential for a penetrating injury!

Eg: Your liver, kidney, colon etc.

Basics to consider when purchasing.

1. Conduct thorough research before making a purchase

2. Verify that the stab-protection material meets the minimum international testing standards, such as NIJ0115.00 (Request the certification from the company!) - Anyone can say they have it, so ask them to prove it. We can provide it on request after customers confirm a purchase.

3. Confirm that the stab vest is suitable for its intended purpose

4. Reconsider your choice if the stab vest fails to adequately protect your sides! Regrettably, this oversight could prove to be FATAL!

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