Danger, Bicycle Spoke!

Unfortunately, there are more and more violent attacks on the police and law  enforcement and rescue workers. Firearms pose a threat in the rarest of cases, as the use of a firearm is strictly regulated and controlled. The attackers often use simple weapons such as knives but also weapons they have built themselves. These weapons often include moulded metal objects such as screwdrivers or bicycle spokes. So why should a bicycle spoke be more dangerous than a knife? A bicycle spoke is available everywhere. If it is sharpened and, if necessary, provided with a handle, it becomes a deadly weapon. The hardened steel is designed to withstand high loads. The greatest danger, however, arises from the fact that the bicycle spoke is so thin, but not too thin, to bend like a needle immediately after stabbing. Stab protection materials deal with this threat differently.

Various stab protection materials are available on the market. These are:

  • Metal plates
  • Kevlar
  • Metal ring mesh
  • Our patent pending material

Metal plates may very well repel piercing attacks. But they have the major disadvantage that they are heavy, inflexible and not breathable. Not very good for hot Australian climates!

Kevlar material, which is often used in bulletproof vests, is only puncture-proof to a limited extent. This is where the bicycle spoke poses a very great threat. With a diameter of less than 2 mm, the spoke can easily pierce the material. Once the protective layer has been pierced, the spoke can penetrate further without being stopped. This is different to a knife, which has a cross-section that is at least 10 times higher and is therefore easier to stop.

That is why such vests are often also provided with a metal ring mesh. This can hold off knives well, but the bicycle spoke can easily penetrate the rings.

Our stab protection material consists of composite plates that are attached to an aramid fabric. Thanks to the patent-pending technology, neither knives, needles nor bicycle spokes can penetrate the material and yet it is light, flexible and breathable.

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