Body Camera & Gear Placement on Your MOLLE Stab Vest

Are you carrying a radio in one pocket, keys in another, a first aid kit stashed somewhere, along with your torch, and so on!

Duty equipment

Shown: Defender Stab Vest - Response Wear (Australia)

Does your stab vest feature the MOLLE webbing system? If not, where do you store your essential duty equipment? Many stab vests on the market have a simple design without functionality, leaving no space for essential duty gear such as radios, torches, notebooks, etc. Having a functional vest with MOLLE capability allows officers to keep their equipment within reach. It is common to see officers with radios attached to flimsy belts, tucked in pockets, or even held in hand, resulting in their primary form of communication being dropped when chaos ensues.

Equipping a stab vest with the MOLLE webbing system enables officers to attach MOLLE pouches to hold their essential gear, particularly a radio.

How crucial is it to have your hands free when engaging with a potential offender!

Body cameras

Shown: Defender Stab Vest - Response Wear (Australia)

When it comes to wearing a body camera while on duty, finding the optimal placement is essential for capturing clear and accurate footage. A popular choice among law enforcement officers is to affix the body camera to their MOLLE vest.

The MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system on vests allows for simple customization and attachment of various gear, including body cameras.

Here are some recommendations for placing your body camera on your MOLLE vest:

Position the camera in the center of your chest for the best perspective, however this may not always be possible so ensure when placed that the camera is not pointing too high, or low. Always do a test recording and view it before deciding on the best placement for your vest.

Ensure the camera is securely fastened to prevent any movement or accidental detachment during activities.

Verify that the camera lens is unobstructed and facing forward for clear footage.

Consider using a mount or clip specifically designed for body cameras to securely affix it to your MOLLE vest. Some manufacturers will supply a secure fastening system designed for load bearing vest, including stab vest.

 By adhering to these guidelines, you can guarantee that your body camera is appropriately positioned on your MOLLE vest for optimal performance and effectiveness in capturing crucial footage while on duty.

All of our overt stab vest incorporate the MOLLE webbing system into the vest to provide a fully functional system to allow for a professional engagement system.

Load bearing capabilities

Don't just slap a clean skin stab vest on your officers and expect them to function professionally. Supply them with a load bearing system that also distributes the weight effectively on the body, and possibly less insurance claims to your organisation down the track for back or hip injuries!

A load bearing vest will negate the rising complaints regarding back and hip injuries that officers may get when using a duty belt or having gear just thrown into pockets. Carrying equipment on their hips can cause officers hip pain, joint inflammation, bursitis and (given enough time) even hip dysplasia if carrying a heavier load (Eg: Firarms, full magazines etc)

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